Thursday, May 5, 2011

Our 2011 Store Train starts May 7th

Our 2011 store train will be kicking off on May 6th at midnight, and will be featured within the stores you see listed on the right.

Each kit will be just $2.00 and together they will create an amazing collab, with many different themes and options, both CU and PU available.

The designers who took part in this historical event can be seen to your right as well under "designers", please stop by their blog and check them out!

Once again, I'd personally like to thank all of the designers for taking part in this amazing train, I always have a lot of fun hosting this event.

Please also remember to visit each store, as I am sure you will find many great products and sales for the 2011 iNSD event!

For a monthly FREE train, please visit the Goodie Train's official blog HERE
And remember to follow us so you never miss out on the monthly freebies!

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